Donate and support

Our commitment and our regular payments are safe for the FAFA children. But we also need you.
Your support helps us to successfully manage and expand the FAFA project.


Starting from only 10 €/CHF per month you become a safe building block for the future of the FAFA children and part of the FREE AFRICA FAMILY. Here you can see what is already possible with small amounts:

  • With only 20€/CHF per month you enable a child to attend school
  • With only 40€/CHF per month you finance school, board and lodging for one child
  • With only 60€/CHF per month you can take care of a child including medical care and soccer training
    In addition to active cooperation and regular donations, we need financial means to build a solid infrastructure and to realize projects (e.g. our own soccer field or the construction of a water well).

Donations in kind
There is always a need for furnishings and equipment. Clothing and shoes are also constantly needed. Last but not least, since also in Ghana the children always "grow out of their clothes".


Become part of this heart project. As an active member of our association you can contribute with your skills, your ideas and your energy to the FREE AFRICA FAMILY.

Please contact us here

Become a FAFA-member

Become an active member of this heart project and support our association to spread the vision. You can get involved in the association and also carry out ideas, projects in the sense of the association yourself.

Please contact us here


You want to support FAFA directly financially? You can transfer your donation to the following accounts. If you would like to make regular donations, please set up a standing order.
The donations can be claimed with your tax return. Our associations (Germany, Switzerland) are recognized as non-profit organizations in the respective country.


Bank account GERMANY
IBAN: DE69 8306 5408 0004 2198 56
FREE AFRICA FAMILY e.V., Gieshügeler Str. 10, 97218 Gerbrunn

Please fill out this form so we can send you a donation receipt at the end of the year.


Bank account SWITZERLAND
IBAN: CH41 8080 8007 0421 9480 7
FREE AFRICA FAMILY, Adlerstrasse 5, 9463 Oberriet

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